Schools Ministry

A Pastoral Care Worker is a trained, experienced and passionate person who joins a school community on behalf of the local churches to provide extra support to young people.

PCW’s offer a unique dimension of spiritual care and support. They are positive role models who bring genuine compassion, understanding and practical ongoing support to students and families.

PCW’s work alongside and complement other welfare and wellbeing staff in schools.

Local churches currently have an amazing opportunity to minister to and support students and families of their local schools through the PCW Program. Schools want to keep this valued program long into the future.
Local Churches have an opportunity now to plan for how they can continue to provide this ministry and support to their local schools. SMG works together with combined church groups across SA who are representative of local churches to provide support and resource to them as they endeavour to connect with, support and minister to the young people and their local school communities.
These ‘Support Groups’ work on behalf of the local Christian Community to support their local schools, they may be a local Interchurch Council, Ministers Fellowship, or a group which has formed for this specific purpose. Support Groups have developed strong, respectful relationships with schools in their local area, and provide opportunities for local churches to become connected with and therefore be able to bring purpose hope and value to a young generation.